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Here you will find details of the latest events at Budongo and information about the past. Only some of the content is online. To receive a paper copy of the newsletter, or to submit contributions or comments, please contact either Prof. Vernon Reynolds or Mr. Fred Babweteera
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Volume One
No. 1 - May 1998
Editorial - Vernon Reynolds
Logging practices and Budongo's wildlife - Andy Plumptre
Local uses of forest products - Kirsten Johnson
Chimpanzee parasites - Gladys Kalema
Ecology of Budongo's blue monkeys - Chris Fairgreave
Chimpanzees coping with disabilities - Duane Quiatt

No. 2 - November 1998
News from Sonso - Vernon Reynolds
Socio-ecology of Budongo's chimps - Nick Newton-Fisher
Growth of the human population around Budongo - Heidi Marriott
Budongo's butterflies - Patrick Boston
Budongo forest and canopy arthropods - Thomas Wagner
Intestinal parasites of Budongo's primates - Michelle Barrows
Death of Zesta

No. 3 - December 1998
An anthropologist among the primatologists - Alan Barnard
Chimpanzee socio-ecology - Emily Bethell
Chimpanzee pant-hoots - Hugh Notman

Volume Two
No. 1 - June 1999
Editorial - Vernon Reynolds
Building for Conservation- Jake Reynolds

Volume Three
No. 1 - May 2000
Learning from the past, looking towards the future - Vernon Reynolds
Impressions from Budongo - Harriet Bennett
Feeding skills and the effect of injury - Emma Stokes
Interpretations from the Nyabyeya trading centre - Mikala Lauridsen
Events in the lives of the sonso community - Vernon Reynolds

Volume Four (PDF)
No. 1 - May 2001

Editorial - Vernon Reynolds
Budongo before Amin - Bob Plumptre
Getting genes from the Budongo chimpanzees - Andrew Brownlow
Budongo revisited - Patrick Boston
Male dominance hierarchies and competition - Benedict Dempsey
To Everything There is a Season - Janette Wallis
Kasokwa Chimpanzees - Richard Kyamanywa
Nocturnal investigations - Siddhartha Singh
One chimp, two chimps, three chimps - Jeff Donne
The ecology of Budongo's redtail monkeys - Donna J. Sheppard
Chimps' choices - Jenny Greenham
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Volume Five (PDF)
No. 1 - May 2003

Editorial - Vernon Reynolds
Kwa Heri Jambo - Sean O'Hara
Meet Mr. & Mrs. Fred Babweteera - Catherine O'Hara
Congratulations Fred - Vernon Reynolds
Tipsy Chimps - Emily Bethell
Many changes as the BFP enters its second decade - Sean O'Hara
Zephyr & Geresomu say "thank you" to Cleveland zoo - Zephyr Kiwede
Testing, testing, testing - Kim Hockings
Baboons, anyone? - Janette Wallis
Endocrine Sampling at Sonso - Melissa Emery
Sonso transitions - Emily Bethell
The delights of collecting chimpanzee data - Catherine O'Hara
Joseph takes Nyakafunjo youths to top of league - Sean O'Hara
Adopt a wild chimpanzee - from this website
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Volume Six (PDF)
No. 1 - December 2004

Editorial - Vernon Reynolds
Budongo Bird Studies with a Norwegian Touch - Svein Dale
My First Visit, My First Real Attachment to Sonso - Tumusiime David Mwesigye
October's Fest at Sonso - Valerie Kosheleff
Symphony of Life - Zinta Zommers
The Sonso Baboons - James Paterson
An Unexpected Gif Gift - Cristy Watkins
Experiencing a Transformation at Sonso - Mnason Tweheyo
The Mothers of Uganda - Lori Oliver
In the Shadow of Pan - Graham Preece
My time with the Chimpanzees of Budongo - Simon Townsend
The Primate Community at Budongo - Lisa Riley
Crop Raiding at Budongo - Amanda Webber
Budongo: More than Just Data Sheets! - Elinor Croxall
The Spatial Distribution of Celtis mildbraedii and Celtis gomphophylla Trees in Unlogged and Logged Compartments of the Budongo Forest Reserve, Uganda - Anita Stone
Kasokwa Korner - Janette Wallis
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Volume Seven (PDF)
No. 1 - June 2006

Editorial - Vernon Reynolds & Klaus Zuberbühler
Life at the Sonso Camp in Budongo - Geoffrey Muhanguzi
Zoos and conservation: A force for the future - Rob Thomas
Budongo’s chimpanzees and the Kinyara Sugar Works - Vernon Reynolds
The elusive forest baboon - Cat Hobaiter
The political-social environment of the Sonso community of chimpanzees during a take-over period: A brief overview - Paul Squibbs
The Jane Goodall Institute and the Budongo Forest - Debbie Cox
Budongo - The Vision - David Windmill
Why study chimpanzee vocalizations? - Klaus Zuberbühler
Update on human-wildlife conflict around the Budongo Forest Reserve - Amanda Webber
Cracking the colobine codes - Anne Schelily
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